Weddings By Melissa

Wedding Tips

Contact all of your vendors 24-48 hours before the big day.  It never hurts to remind your professionals of the date and time of your affair.  This may help alleviate some of your nerves and it will almost guarantee that your professional will remember your big day.

Make sure that you are carrying tissues.  Brides can easily conceal a tissue by holding it between the steam of her bouquet and the palm of her hand.  Many Grooms feel that do not need to carry tissues.  However even the most unemotional individuals can become overwhelmed by emotions of their wedding day.  It never hurts for the Groom to carry tissues.  Even if he does not need them, his Bride or another family member will.

Build at least an extra half an hour into your schedule on your wedding day.  It is inevitable that time will escape you.  Even if your day is running perfectly on time having that extra half an hour will give you some time to breath and the ability to reflect and appreciate your wedding day.

After your return home from your honeymoon go and pick up a Certified Copy of your Marriage License.  Increased security measures in the State have caused the government agencies, such as the Social Security Office and the DMV, to require Certified Copies of your Marriage License bearing a raised seal to change your name.  In order to obtain a Certified Copy of your Marriage License visit the Registrar in the city where your wedding was performed.  Certified Copies generally cost $10 and will be issued on the spot. 

Remember weddings are never perfect.  They are the celebration of the love shared by real people.  In the end, you will remember all the important and special moments of your wedding day for the rest of your life.   Do not stress over the little details.  Simply cherish every moment of your wedding day!