Weddings By Melissa


"Melissa was everything we could ask for in a wedding officiant we knew she would be from the first time we met her. Our ceremony was tailored to what we wanted to have included and reflected exactly how we feel about each other. Melissa made a concerted effort to find out about us: how we met, what we love and respect about each other. She offered a lot of support in choosing readings and vows as well. This was all incorporated into the most beautiful wedding ceremony that I have ever heard. Neither of us are usually very emotional, but even reading the ceremony brought tears to our eyes. We received many compliments on how clearly she spoke and how well she conducted the rehearsal. Most of all, our guests were so pleased that our ceremony was a very intimate, true reflection of love--exactly what a wedding should be. We both enjoyed the entire day immensely, but we can honestly say that the ceremony was the best part, and I don't think that most people feel that way. Melissa's hard work ensured that it would be. "

Sara & Andrew

"Before Carl and I even got engaged, I started thinking about what type of ceremony would be meaningful to us. We were both raised Catholic but that just didn't feel right. I was very nervous about finding someone we would be comfortable with, someone who would provide us with a spiritual ceremony that reflected who we were and why we were getting married. I found Melissa on As soon as we met her we had a level of comfort with her. I could just tell that she really cared about making our wedding day special for us."

"As the day got closer, Melissa sent us a draft of our ceremony. I had tears in my eyes when I read it, it was perfect. It was hard to believe we had only met Melissa once. She totally captured so many things about Carl and me and the ceremony was the right mix of spiritual, traditional, and personal. There were a few things we wanted changed and she was more than happy to accommodate all of our requests! In the months leading up the wedding, she was always available to answer my questions and give suggestions based on her experience when asked. "

"At the Rehearsal and the day of the Wedding, Melissa was the perfect mix of take charge and not imposing. She made the day all about us while making sure things ran smoothly. She was truly there to help us make our wedding exactly as we had dreamed. At the reception, and for weeks after the big day, I received compliments on how wonderful our ceremony was. Our guests truly enjoyed it and felt like they got to know Carl and me a little better as a result of the ceremony that Melissa put together. "

Catrin & Carol

"Rev Melissa is amazing! We wanted a very unique Celtic/Renaissance wedding. Something none of us had even seen before. I had done some research and so did my future husband, but Melissa, did a lot. She came to our brain storming meeting armed with reading material for a week. We had talked and had already given her so many ideas and things we wanted to include, and on top of that a time restriction for a hot summers day and an outside ceremony. By the time of the rehearsal, Melissa had put together, and sent us for proofing, a ceremony so unique it was bound to leave the impression we wanted. On the day of the wedding, after the ceremony, during our reception, we got so many compliments on our ceremony and Rev. Melissa that even several weeks afterwards, people are still asking me how we did it all and where all the ideas came from. We even had Melissa learn Gaelic for our ring exchange! From the very beginning of our unique planning processes, including lots of email, and fabulous ceremony, to topping it all off with a beautiful blessing at the start our reception, Rev. Melissa was instrumental in our weddng ceremony process. Amen Melissa!!"

Rachel & Jim

"Melissa was so helpful with our wedding. We contacted Melissa about 3 weeks before the wedding, when we met with her we felt very comfortable. Anytime I had questions she was always there to answer them. There were many types of ceremonies that we could choose from, and we found one that fit our needs. I was concerned that my family wouldn't like it, but our families & friends loved the ceremony, especially the pouring of the sand. They said it was the best ceremony they've seen, and the best part is that it wasn't too long, and Melissa has it customized to fit our needs. Melissa did our rehearsal the day before the wedding. She came very early, and was there before anybody else was. As people were coming late she would just incorporate them into the rehearsal without a problem. While we were stressed Melissa was very reassuring. She told me I could call her anytime that night, even if it were 3am, if I needed to talk to her I could.That meant a lot. The day of the wedding Melissa and her assistant arrived and took charge of the ceremony. Everything went well and everyone enjoyed it. Our day was beautiful."

Keya & Jason

"I can't tell you how wonderful Rev. Jessica was. She went above and beyond for us. Let me explain. When we got to the Lou Booth Amphitheater for our rehearsal we found out there was sponsor signs on the stage in clear few of where we would be standing. Something the recreation center didn't tell us. Rev. Jessica quickly tried to see if could take them down. The North Wildwood Recreation dept. would not allow it. So what did Rev. Jessica do she went to a florist an ordered flowers. Then went to a party store and got colored paper long enough to cover it. Showed up early on our wedding to meet with Ron to decorate. Everything looked beautiful. Rev. Jessica preformed a beautiful wedding. She was the best. Thank you Rev. Jessica for everything. God Bless. You are highly recommended by us."

Maryann & Ron

"I cannot say enough about Melissa's services as a Day of Coordinator.  Our wedding and all the memories of our day would not exist if it were not for Melissa.  Our photographer forgot about our wedding!!!  As per Melissa's recommendation I contacted all my vendors 48 hours before my wedding day but I was unable to get a hold of my photographer.  I figured he was busy or out at another affair but really HE WAS ON VACATION!"

"When the photographer had not shown up half an hour before my wedding ceremony Melissa got in touch with his office and found out that the photographer was on vacation.  How does someone contract to photograph a wedding and then go on vacation?  I was an emotional wreck at that point, but Melissa was calm and collect.  She started calling all of her contacts and was able to find us a photographer who was willing to come immediately to photograph our wedding reception.  We could not wait for the photographer for our ceremony since there was another ceremony in the church after ours, but Melissa and her assistant got digital cameras and took pictures throughout our ceremony so that we would have lasting memories of our special day.  The photographer she contacted was at our reception and the pictures she shot were just beautiful.  I cannot tell you how much it meant to me that Melissa not only found us a new photographer last minute but she went above and beyond by photographing our ceremony.  MELISSA SAVED MY WEDDING DAY!"